What is Smart Headlight Assistant?

  Smart Headlight Assistant is also known as Adaptive Headlight System in some models and is among the items that appear as a safety measure in vehicles. The purpose of this headlight system is in low light situations and at night; It is to increase the visibility on the bends and hills on the roads and to provide better efficiency. This system offers drivers a higher and better quality of vision than normal headlight systems. These headlight systems provide safety and protection against possible accidents by adjusting the lighting direction in bends, illuminating the road according to the direction instead of a straight lighting. This system can move the lights up and down according to the situation. In this way, the hills on the road are also illuminated, preventing possible dangers. The system in question works automatically. High beam assist can sometimes be included in this system. In this system, cameras are placed at the front of the vehicle. Thanks to these cameras, t